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WC-1 AquaColumn

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Midwest Tropical
WC-1 AquaColumn

Product Description

This water column adds luminescence and pleasure while watching the bubbles freely ascend to the top of this octagon shaped bubble column. It includes two sets of color strips to personalize the unit and set a specific mood to a room. This bubble column creates a delightful display of bubbles as they are inhibited by anything as they majestically rise to the top reflecting shimmering vivid colors. It is an elegant display piece and relaxes the body and mind by its mesmerizing rhythm of bubbles and bright show of colors. This can be a personalized accent piece or the focus of a room to greet your guests with a bold statement. It is essentially maintainence free and is hand made with durable cell cast acrylic which is over ten times stronger than glass and has superb clarity..

Product Details

WC-1 AquaColumn

18 " x 18 " x 83 " H

55 Gallon Style

1 Clear Acrylic Column

1 Black Acrylic Header Unit with Cap

1 Black Acrylic Base with Cover

2 Fluorescent Light Fixtures

2 Sets of Color Strips (blue, green, orange, magenta)

1 Air Pump

1 Set of Bubble Wands with Airline Tubing

1 Set of Check Valves


Mirror Base

1 year manufacturers warranty